Sister District at the DVC

On March 1, the DVC hosted its first 2018 meeting of a resistance partner group. Sister District South Bay held its kickoff event for 85 members at the new DVC headquarters and it was a huge success. Founder and Executive Director Rita Bosworth set the tone in a keynote address and Q&A, followed by breakout groups holding multiple sessions. Many thanks to all the Sister District volunteers and captains who helped turn the DVC into an engine for progressive action for an evening. We look forward to hosting continuing monthly meetings of Sister District South Bay.

This event was a model for events come, whether for Indivisible, Swing Left, Together We Will, or Democratic club or Party groups. We at the DVC are proud to support the critical work being done by these groups and individuals working on all of our behalf. Stay tuned for news about future events. 85 attendees was a good start; we’re ready to host 200 or more!