Post Card Writing: It Works

“[A]re handwritten notes effective? Is this explosion of activity the polite flipside of the post-Trump female primal scream – or does it actually get results? Two studies conducted during the Virginia 2017 election cycle indicate that handwritten personal notes and postcards are powerful – both for getting out the vote and for volunteer engagement.

In the first study, the Analyst Institute found a measurable increase in voter turnout among infrequent voters who received a handwritten note…. The study’s ultimate finding: Personal notes and postcard writing has an as good or better effect on voter turnout than the tactic most commonly used by political campaigns [door-to-door canvassing].

Research published in the journal Behavioral Scientist also found that postcard writing had a positive effect on the people writing the postcards because they enjoyed connecting with voters through writing (rather than knocking on doors or making phone calls) and they appreciated the social interaction of writing with friends and neighbors.”

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