Our heavily illustrated Phonebank FAQ

Why do we phonebank?
Because it works. Next to knocking on doors and speaking with voters face to face, it’s the most effective campaign method to reach voters. Read more about why phonebanking is worth it.

No one answers the phone anymore
Fewer people answer their phones when they don’t recognize the number. Nevertheless, we are able to speak with quite of few people who pick up their phones. If no one picks up, just keep callng voters until you reach one who answers.

I’m nervous to make calls. I don’t like talking with strangers!
Yes, it can be a little nerve wracking, but once you’ve made several calls, you can get over the nervousness. When your nerves start to creep in, remind yourself that you’re phone banking because you want your candidate to win.

I don’t like phonebanking because I don’t like getting calls.
We understand. But, your calls will be different because you are friendly, personable and you won’t be annoying like some people who call you to sell home insurance.

I’m worried I’ll make a mistake and turn off the voter and then they won’t vote for my candidate.
It’s okay to goof. And, we all make mistakes and it’s pretty unlikely that they won’t vote.

A voter might get made at me and even raise their voice!
We understand – that happens sometime. None of us likes to make people made and we certainly don’t like to be yelled at. But, if that happens you can simply apologize and move on to the next voter. You’ll get over it. Stay focused on why you’re making these calls.

What if I forget what to say? Do I have to know everything about the candidate?
You’ll be given a script that you can follow so that you are able to have a good conversation with a voter, and we provide information on each candidate. You can always refer the voter to the website. It’s also okay to say, I don’t know the answer.

What if I reach a voter with a disconnected number or it’s a wrong number?
Every call is a good call! Why? You’re helping to clean up the voter files. All of the calls you make prepare the campaign for the final days of the campaign – GET OUT THE VOTE (GOTV). Because of you, the campaign won’t call disconnected/wrong numbers and voters who don’t support your candidate. The campaign will focus on calling supporters to get them to go vote.

What if I reach a voter who is undecided about my candidate or knows nothing about my candidate?
Ask the voter to tell you what issues are important to them or what concerns them.
Then you can speak to those issues. If you don’t know the answer to a question, you can ask a fellow phonebanker, or refer the voter to the candidate’s website. And, it’s helpful to tell the voter why you support the candidate.

I’m not technical, will someone help me use the computer?
Our trainers and technical support will get you started and help you to become comfortable using the computer. No need to be a technical wizard to make calls.

And even more questions….

What if a voter doesn’t like my candidate?
No need to argue with the voter. You will probably not change their minds. Just say “thanks” and go on to the next voter.

Can I leave messages?
Many campaigns prefer that we NOT leave messages unless it is during the final days of the campaign. People don’t listen to messages, leaving messages takes time and campaigns have no way of knowing how a voter responds to a message.

What if a voter asks where I’m calling from and I’m not calling from their district?
Be honest! Tell them you’re calling from Palo Alto, California and that what happens in the voter’s district will affect you and the country.

• It’s okay to be nervous, and it’s okay to push beyond that
• Get help from the phonebankers and trainers around you
• Keep your conversations brief
• Smile and sound friendly
• Remember why you’re doing this
• Think how good you’ll feel when we win in November