About Us

A project of the Santa Clara and San Mateo County Democratic Committees, the DVC is independently funded and managed.  Our mission is to harness the expertise, passion and energy of the mid-peninsula community in service to electing Democrats and passing Democratic Party-endorsed initiatives.

A founding principle of the DVC is inclusion.  Our goal is to recruit and empower volunteers across the progressive spectrum, regardless of any relationship with the Party.  What matters is that we focus on the election of Democrats in service to promoting government at its best and reversing trends towards racist, authoritarian plutocracy.  During election years we have been successful in bringing Obama faithful, Party regulars, Bernie-or-bust zealots, Hillary mainstreamers, and (in 2018) Resistance activists together, working shoulder-to-shoulder at a dynamic, nationally recognized Democratic volunteer center.

The DVC Board

Emy Thurber

Eitan Fenson

Stephanie Grossman

Diane Rolfe

Kacy McClure

Herb Engstrom

Lawrence Byrd

Davina Hurt

Rita Friedman