TransparentHorizontal-2574Why We’re Here

The Mid-Peninsula Democratic Volunteer Center (DVC)  is a joint project of the Santa Clara County and San Mateo County Democratic Party Central Committees. Our mission is to elect Democrats and pass Party-endorsed initiatives.

We also help reduce campaign expenses by offering a one-stop campaign field headquarters with the infrastructure and volunteers to support candidates and activities endorsed by the Democratic Party.

Our History
Our community has long been an important resource for progressive candidates and initiatives. In 2008 we became a national force, sending armies of travelers to key states and making hundreds of thousands of calls to voters across the country to elect Barak Obama.

The DVC was launched in 2012 to turn the Obama juggernaut into an ongoing force for Democratic success. The DVC hosted the campaign headquarters for Anna Eshoo and Jerry Hill, sponsored a massive voter registration operation, and managed campaign activities for local and state candidates. During get-out-the-vote (GOTV), we made 100,000 calls to swing states during four days leading up to Election day. Overall, more than 250,000 calls were made from our office, sometimes with 50 callers or more calling at the same time.

In 2014 the DVC came together again to support Democratic candidates and initiatives, confirming the amazing power of our community to come together for important work.

And this year we’re off and running in a big way for this critical election of a lifetime. We’ve already got more than 300 volunteers signed up, so come and join the action!

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