Become an at-home phonebanker

On March 24 we hosted our first ever online phonebank training webinar, with more than 50 participants joining us. If you missed it, we’ll have more live events in the future; you can also access a recording of our webinar here (just provide your name and email to access it). We’re also providing the webinar slides here for easy reference.

To join our at-home phonebankers, go to our volunteer form here and:

  1. Fill in your name and email
  2. Make sure Phonebanking and From my home are checked
  3. Click Volunteer Now

Both new and current volunteers should follow these steps to join our at-home phonebanking list and get information on how to join our upcoming phonebanks.

How to Volunteer from Home

For the most up-to-date version of this information, please see our new Ways to Volunteer from Home page here.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, it is the responsibility of all of us to protect vulnerable populations and make sure our hospitals, doctors, and nurses are not overwhelmed. Here are some ways you can volunteer while helping your community stay safe:

Phonebank from home

The DVC is going virtual! We will teach you to phonebank from home with new online training, and we will schedule times for us to phonebank together with DVC volunteers available to assist you remotely.

Click here to learn how to become an at-home phonebanker.

You can also email to get trained for Reclaim Our Vote phonebanking from home.

Textbank from home

Write postcards and letters from home

And more

  • See our calendar for online meetings and events you can join. You can still make a difference during this challenging time!

OFFICE CLOSED: New office to open later

Out of respect for the health and safety of our volunteers and visitors during the COVID-19 outbreak, we are cancelling all currently scheduled events at the DVC Headquarters effective immediately. Our current location was a temporary office, so we are effectively shutting down our Winter/Spring office a few weeks early. We still plan to open a larger office later in the spring or summer, when it is safe to do so.

Many organizations are still holding small events for phone banking and letter/postcard writing, and we’ll continue to list those events on our calendar. We urge you to always check the calendar for updates shortly before any event, since cancellations or changes are still possible.

The presence of this virus in our community does not diminish the importance of our work; electing a government of responsible, competent public servants who will put the interests of the American people first is more important than ever. The DVC is developing plans for remote training sessions that you can do from home, so you can learn to phonebank or textbank from the comfort of your living room. Please keep an eye on your email and on the DVC calendar for updates about that and other ways to continue to work for democracy during this difficult time.

We thank you for your understanding. Onward!

Campaign Forums: Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders

The DVC hosted back-to-back campaign forums this week. Marcus Ismael, the Norcal field organizer for Elizabeth Warren’s campaign spoke on Thursday; Jane Kim, the California state political director for Bernie Sanders spoke on Friday.

Marcus Ismael of the Warren campaign speaking at the DVC.
Marcus Ismael addressing the DVC on Thursday.
Jane Kim speaking at the DVC
Jane Kim speaking at the DVC on Friday.

Coming up next week: Hira Kayani for the Andrew Yang campaign; and Robin Sternberg and Bettina Cohen for Amy Klobuchar. Reservations are required so please click those links and RSVP today!

DVC Campaign Forums: Joe Biden & Pete Buttigieg

Lucia Nunez at the DVC
Lucia Nunez, Nevada field director for Joe Biden, addresses the DVC on January 19.

The DVC is hosting representatives from major Democratic presidential campaigns all this month at our headquarters in Los Altos. So far, we’ve hosted Lucia Nunez, Nevada deputy organizing director for Joe Biden, and Gail Slocum, former mayor of Menlo Park, on behalf of Pete Buttigieg. These free forums provide a chance for DVC supporters to hear directly from people involved in the campaigns in an intimate setting, with a chance to ask question of the speakers.

Coming soon: Warren, Sanders, Yang, and Klobuchar campaigns

Coming up this month, we’ll be hosting representatives for Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, Andrew Yang, and Amy Klobuchar. Please check our calendar listings for more details and RSVP links. Please note that these special events have limited seats available, and reservations are required.

Meet representatives of leading Presidential candidates at the DVC

The Democratic Volunteer Center is pleased to announce that we will host representatives from several leading Democratic Presidential candidates at a series of campaign forums over the next two weeks. We have staff and volunteers from the following candidates scheduled:

  • Joe Biden: Nevada Deputy Organizing Director Lucia Nunez on January 19
  • Pete Buttigieg: Volunteer and former Menlo Park mayor Gail Slocum on January 21
  • Elizabeth Warren: NorCal Field Organizer Marcus Ismael on January 23
  • Bernie Sanders: Details still TBD; tentative date January 24
  • Andrew Yang: Hira Kiyani of the Humanity Forward Fund on January 28
  • Amy Klobuchar: Staffers Robin Sternberg and Bettina Cohen on January 30

Please see our event calendar for details on these events. (Note: only events which are open for RSVPs are listed; events not listed will open RSVPs in the near future.)

Our 2020 Winter/Spring headquarters is open for business!

Many thanks to the hundreds of people who RSVP’d and attended the grand opening of our temporary headquarters. Representative Anna Eshoo (CA-18) gave a stirring call to action, and emphasized how important the activism of 2018 had been in bringing a Democratic majority to the House, and with is, accountability to the government.

We plan to have a much larger space later in the year, but there is no time to waste. So please check out our events, and let’s pack the house with volunteers from now until election day!

A video of Anna’s remarks, with introduction by DVC Chair Pam Salvatierra and Tech lead Lawrence Byrd:

Our inaugural Straw Poll results

Last night at our Debate Watch Party, we debuted the DVC Straw Poll so everyone in attendance could show their support for their favorite candidates. And the results are in!

  • Klobuchar: 20
  • Warren: 19
  • Buttigieg: 15
  • Harris: 8
  • Biden: 6
  • Sanders: 4
  • Booker: 4
  • Castro: 1
  • Bullock: 1
  • Steyer: 1

Many thanks to everyone who came, everyone who voted, and to Mary Hughes and Joe Simitian for leading a very interesting and thought-provoking post-debate discussion.

Another full house for the DVC’s second debate watch party

Over 100 supporters gathered this evening to watch the second Democratic Presidential debate (night one) of the 2020 campaign. Sanders, Warren, Buttigieg and others sparred over health care, immigration, gun safety and more. Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors President Joe Simitian moderated our post-debate discussion. Thanks to everyone who turned out to hear the candidates and support the DVC!

The DVC says goodbye to our friend and champion, Eitan

Eitan Fenson at the DVC

Note: A memorial service for Eitan will be held on August 3rd. Click here for details.

As we celebrate Independence Day today, I write to you with great sorrow in my heart.  I am very sad to report that our dear friend and champion Eitan Fenson passed away Sunday, June 30th from complications of thyroid cancer.

Eitan was a founding member of the DVC in 2012 and took on the role of CEO in 2016 where he provided great leadership and outreach.  In 2018, Eitan brought together resistance groups, Democratic clubs, and activists throughout the south bay to open the DVC early and offer a space where we could all work together to achieve our progressive objectives.  We will always remember his enthusiasm and tireless work on behalf of democracy and our common goals.

Please feel free to share your thought about Eitan and we may post them on this website. Send messages to:

As Karen Rivers said, “We must make Eitan proud in 2020, let’s win this!”

Remembering Eitan,
Chair, DVC Board of Directors

Our friends and volunteers have written to say:

Eitan and I worked very closely in the early years of the DVC. He was a prince to work with, being endless creative in getting things done. I never saw him get angry or lose his temper. I thought we were a wonderful pair up, he the strategist, me the precinct worker organizer. One campaign we were personally recognized for the highest ratio between precinct workers and registered voters. I will miss him dearly.
— JJ

Eitan was such a kind, caring dedicated leader working to keep our democracy alive. He did this with deep caring, intelligence, and a dedication that was inspiring and smart!
— MK

I remember working with a sweet, calm leader who actually listened to us, his worker bees. He will be missed in the fight ahead.
— MJ

What a loss for all of his friends and the community and for all of society. He accomplished so much, and was so competent and dedicated.
— L&KA

I will always fondly remember and continue to be inspired by Eitan Fenson. I first met him volunteering for Hillary for America in 2016. Eitan showed and exercised great leadership, tenacity, and humility. He has done a great job at the Democratic Volunteer Center (DVC) through the years that contributed tremendously to Blue Waves all over the country. We thank Eitan, Barbara, and their family for their awesome and dedicated community service! We salute you all!
LoretoQD’s Brigade – Silicon Valley Volunteers and I would like to extend our prayers and condolences to Barbara and family. We will continue Eitan’s work and will diligently volunteer towards a DEM TRIFECTA in 2020!

I am so sorry to hear this sad news. Eitan was an activist and an inspiration. I got to know him through GreenTown Los Altos where we worked on the 1000 solar rooftops project. His death is a huge loss to our local activist community.
— KJ

I am so sorry to hear about Eitan. I know that the board will miss him–his energy, his sense of purpose and his undying support for the democratic (both d and D) cause. I got to know him in 2012 when I did the finances for the office. I screwed up something and when we fixed it we both laughed! Nice to have someone laugh at your mistakes rather than get angry. Rest In Peace Eitan.
— KC

We just lost a great man. I will miss Eitan’s gentle engagement, informed inclusion and passion for doing the right thing. He treated everyone with the same equanimity and grace, providing unwavering support and expectation of a positive result. He helped you feel heard, accepted and encouraged. I will miss his laugh, his intellect and his friendship.
— BL

I am profoundly sorry to read about Eitan’s death. I regarded Eitan as a man with great integrity, strong work ethic, wisdom and generosity. I am happy to have had a chance to meet him, and to work with him during the 2012 and 2016 campaigns. He would be thoroughly missed.
My sincere condolences to the family in this time of sorrow.
— BD

My condolences to his family, he was a very inspirational leader and was excited about my work at DVC. We will all miss him.
— TH

All of us who volunteered at the DVC owe a huge debt of gratitude to Eitan. Everytime I saw him, he was busy working on something and smiling.
I agree with Karen, “We must make Eitan proud in 2020, let’s win this!”
— BS

Thanks to Eitan for sharing his commitment as a political organizer, remaining an indelible inspiration for all who knew of his Silicon Valley leadership — getting President Obama elected; later with the Indivisible movement, the ISB, and again with the DVC.
— JT

Eitan called all Democrats from the DVC together after the election in 2016 where we had a storming session. Out of this emerged National Voter Corps. I would like to present our voting rights voter suppression slideshow in honor of Eitan at the next available opportunity. He was a wonderful friend.
— AS

So sad to hear this. He was a lovely, inspiring man. May his family be comforted by their sweet memories. May his memory be a blessing.
— WT

He was a kind hearted soul who represented the best in human beings. I feel blessed that our paths crossed within this lifetime. Rest in Peace Eitan Fenson.
— MH

I am so sad to hear Eitan has passed. He was an outstanding person. He had done so much for our Democratic party. He will be missed.
— IH

What sad news. Eitan was a shining light for us. My condolences to his family and close friends.
— JF

Besides being repeatedly bolstered by Eitan’s positive, enthusiastic messages, we especially enjoyed seeing Eitan at the Adam Schiff event last summer. We had a Danish exchange student with us, and that student drew inspiration from our collective enthusiasm, marshaled by Eitan, as it was, and he continues to pursue positive change in Denmark through political activism!
— LL

This is indeed sad news about Eitan. He was a very effective leader, incredibly hardworking and generous with his time. But it was his radiantly sweet personality that most stood out for me. Through two campaigns I never heard him utter a harsh or unkind word – except about those messing up our beloved democracy. May he rest in peace, knowing that he is sorely missed.
— BK

Eitan was a kind and enthusiastic leader at the DVC.
The DVC provided me a place to participate locally in our election and welcomed me right in. Eitan was always generous and patient with his time and helped me several times when I was able to come in and help.
I’m so glad I had the opportunity to meet him and be a part of the DVC grass roots group. He started a great movement and I hope we can push forward, persist and drown out the swampy Republicans.
Condolences to his family he will be missed immensely by so many.
— TG

This is sad news. I have only helped there once, but Eitan made a lasting impression. I didn’t know quite what I was supposed to do, but Eitan made me feel safe, welcome, comfortable, and appreciated.
— DM

I was saddened to hear of Eitan’s passing. I remember him from the Obama campaigns, always there helping to figure out the tech aspect of our systems and we had a few! He was so dedicated and so involved in helping to make change in America. His steadfast approach to getting the DVC office up and running and more importantly keeping the office humming since 2016. He will always be remembered for his dedication and heart.
— TB

This is indeed a very painful loss. Eitan brought not only great energy, devotion, and capacity to the DVC and the reconstiting of the DVC, but also he brought a beautiful spirit and the humanity we all needed and continue to need.
I always felt that if Eitan was involved, things would be done well on all the important levels.
May his memory bring us together and inspire us to do what we all know is so important to make 2020 a year of celebration.
— LB

Eitan Fenson