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We're in a bit of a quiet period after a huge Presidential election and a critical Senate runoff election. We'll be adding new events in as we start to ramp up activities for the midterm elections and to protect voting rights.

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Expanding the Supreme Court

June 24


Thursday, June 24
6:00 pm - 7:00 pm Pacific time zone

As part of SLO, Peninsula and South Bay Swing Left’s speaker series, we are presenting Professor Terri Peretti of Santa Clara University, a specialist in the role of politics in the Supreme Court, to lead a Zoom discussion concerning the various arguments resonating now in the media and within the Washington D.C. beltway about the future of the Supreme Court and whether court expansion is justified or likely.

As Mitch McConnell and others have proudly proclaimed, after decades of calculated action, the Republican Party has successfully groomed and placed ultra-conservative candidates throughout the judiciary. They have effectively packed the Courts with judges positioned to both carry out a conservative agenda and entrench minoritarian political power through voter suppression and voter dilution. Although a few Democrats have urged Supreme Court expansion, many on the Right, and some centrists within the Democratic Party, argue that expanding the Supreme Court would be too “political” and would only inflame an already partisan divide.


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