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Abbreviations used:

BAC = Bay Area Coalition
CCG = Center for Common Ground
FT6 = Field Team 6
GOTV = Get out the vote
SCCDP = Santa Clara County Dem Party
SD = Sister District
SLP = Swing Left Peninsula

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Progressive Reluctance to State Power (SD)

December 13, 2022


Tuesday, December 13, 2022
5:00 pm - 6:00 pm Pacific time zone

Reversing Progressive Reluctance to State Power – Part 2

This panel will continue the conversation in Part 1 and will explore how to reclaim the positive power of states, embrace the idea of state power itself, and move toward a vision of progressive federalism.

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This virtual event is part of the State Power Series co-hosted by Sister District and Vote Save America to start a conversation around the growing importance of states, provide context about the historical circumstances that have placed progressives at structural and ideological disadvantages in state power-building, and emphasize the urgent need for progressives to reimagine states as radical bastions of progressive power and commit to permanent, sustained state power-building efforts. Each event is moderated by Sister District’s co-founder, Gaby Goldstein, and Crooked Media’s senior political director, Shaniqua McClendon.

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