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Thank you for helping out! Our calendar lists events by the DVC, partner organizations, and other groups helping to elect Democrats. We’re reaching out to Democratic voters and registering new Democrats in swing states and districts to help keep Congress blue.

Abbreviations used:

BAC = Bay Area Coalition
CCG = Center for Common Ground
FT6 = Field Team 6
GOTV = Get out the vote
SCCDP = Santa Clara County Dem Party
SD = Sister District
SLP = Swing Left Peninsula

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State Power: The Insurrection will be Decentralized (SD)

August 30


Tuesday, August 30
5:00 pm - 6:00 pm Pacific time zone

The Insurrection will be Decentralized – Election Subversion: The Role of State Legislatures in the Fight for our Democracy

This panel will explore how state legislatures play an outsized role in the future of our democracy. In key states, Republicans are building toward a future where they can engineer election outcomes, by modifying the laws and rules governing election administration and limiting the ability of state courts to curb partisan redistricting and subversion. On top of that, an arch-conservative Supreme Court appears likely to thwart a constitutional challenge to this state power grab. We must pour resources and attention into state chambers. What we do now will determine the fate of our democracy.

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This virtual event is part of the State Power Series co-hosted by Sister District and Vote Save America to start a conversation around the growing importance of states, provide context about the historical circumstances that have placed progressives at structural and ideological disadvantages in state power-building, and emphasize the urgent need for progressives to reimagine states as radical bastions of progressive power and commit to permanent, sustained state power-building efforts. Each event is moderated by Sister District’s co-founder, Gaby Goldstein, and Crooked Media’s senior political director, Shaniqua McClendon.

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