Thank you for helping out! Our calendar lists events by the DVC, partner organizations, and other groups helping to elect Democrats. 

The DVC 2022 office is now closed.

Abbreviations used:

BAC = Bay Area Coalition
CCG = Center for Common Ground
FT6 = Field Team 6
GOTV = Get out the vote
SCCDP = Santa Clara County Dem Party
SD = Sister District
SLP = Swing Left Peninsula

Register Democrats Summit (FT6)


Join Field Team 6 for the first-ever Register Democrats Summit. It’s time to bring together a movement-wide coalition focused on registering Democrats across the country. The summit brings together the […]


Phone banks to Wisconsin (WisDems)


Phone banks are on now for the Wisconsin Supreme Court election on April 4—an election with major consequences for the whole country. WisDems (Wisconsin Democratic Party) is running phone banks […]