A Path Forward

A Path Forward

On Saturday, November 20th and Sunday, November 21st, almost 200 DVC volunteers shared shock, despair, outrage, and other intense feelings brought about by the events of November 8th.

  • Click here for a PDF of notes taken by Susan Markowitz on Saturday.
  • Click here for the notes taken by Diane Rolfe on Sunday.
  • Scroll down for a preliminary list of options for engagement.

Fill out the form so that the DVC can help connect you with others with common interests and perspectives.  And please let us know if you have information to share on this page by sending email to eitan@demvolctr.org.

List of organizations (Google them for details)

Rights Protection:

  • ACLU
  • Southern Poverty Law Center


  • Citizen’s Climate Lobby
  • 350.org
  • Sierra Club

Democratic Groups:

  • Peninsula Democratic Coalition
  • Dean Club of Silicon Valley
  • Sunnyvale Democratic Club

Name (first last)
Time-Sensitive Actions
Solidarity with the Vulnerable
Phone (area code - number)
Strengthen The Democratic Party
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