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The Democratic National Committee (DNC) is the national Democratic leadership group. It approves all national Party directives, endorsements, and funding decisions. For the 2020 cycle, the DNC is funding a texting program called Text Out the Vote. This effort recently switched to using the texting app ThruText. The DNC has also opened a Slack workspace for communicating with texters. Many campaigns are texting thru the DNC program, so getting signed up to text for the DNC gives you plenty of options.

Get Started with the DNC and ThruText

  1. The best way to get started texting for the DNC and TOTV program is to find and sign up for a textbanking event listed here on the DNC Events calendar.
    • Find an event.
    • Click on See Details to sign up for a date and time.
    • You will receive an email with further instructions.
  2. Note that different texting organizations that host events through the DNC Events calendar use different ThruText accounts/logins to direct you to their workflows.
    • For example, if you sign up for a texting event with Texas Democrats, you create a ThruText account here: https://txdem.co/thrutext and you login here: https://tx.textforvictory2020.com/.
    • If you sign up for a texting event with Ohio Democrats, you create a different ThruText account with a different login.
    • Be sure when you join a texting event that you login to the correct ThruText account!
  3. When you sign up for a texting event, you will usually be sent an invitation to join a Slack workspace dedicated to texting for that campaign or organization. Just follow the Slack sign-up/sign-in procedure to join up.
  4. There is also a general DNC TOTV Slack workspace you should join. It’s called The Democrats Digital Organizers and its address is https://demdigitalorganizers.slack.com. You receive an invite to join this Slack workspace when you sign up for DNC texting using this form (as of 8/27 the form still mentions Hustle as the texting app, but just ignore that part). After you submit your information, you should receive an email including an invite to the Dem Digital Organizers Slack workspace. Check out the various channels for lots of additional information.

Quick links to DNC TOTV/ThruText training materials

  • Training sessions for textbanking are listed alongside texting events on the 2020 Victory events calendar, here.
  • Here is a DNC/ThruText training guide (this one is specifically for Texas, but has good information applicable to other DNC texting programs).
  • Training materials for Biden-Harris campaign texting are also applicable for DNC texting for other races:

Find texting opportunities with the DNC and ThruText

  • Go to the DNC/TOTV Facebook group to find currently active texting campaigns (this is a private group, so first you have request and receive an invitation to join).
  • There are close ties between the DNC/TOTV Slack workspace and the Biden-Harris 2020 Victory Slack workspace. Lots of texting events for races other than the presidential are now listed in the #text-new-texters channel in the 2020 Victory Slack workspace. To join that Slack workspace, follow the instructions for joining the Biden-Harris texting program.
  • Login to a dedicated ThruText account and look under the Assignments tab to see workflows you’ve signed up for.