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MoveOn.org supports progressive policies and candidates with many volunteer activities and events, including textbanking. Their textbanking effort is called MoveOn Text Team. Texting with MoveOn uses texting app Spoke, an easy platform to join and navigate, with lots of support, so it’s great for your first texting experience. Texting with MoveOn also requires joining the MoveOn Text Team workspace on Slack (you get invited as part of the sign-up process).

Get Started with MoveOn and Spoke

  1. Go to this page on the MoveOn website: https://front.moveon.org/join-moveon-text-team/
  2. You’re taken to MoveOn’s 5-page Quiz/Training Form
    • This Google form contains lots of info plus a few simple questions.
    • On the last page of the form, you’re given instructions for what to do next …
  3. Setup your Spoke account by opening a tab in your browser and going to this page.
    • MoveOn prefers you sign up for Spoke with your “real” full name … and that you use the same name in the next step when you sign up for the MoveOn Slack workspace.
  4. Sign up for the MoveOn Text Team Slack workspace by opening a tab in your browser and going to this page, where you are taken through the standard sign-up-for-a-Slack-workspace process: enter your email address, go to your email account and find the verification email, click on “Verify Email” and you should get immediate access to the MoveOn Text Team Slack workspace.
  5. MoveOn suggests you open the MoveOn Texter FAQ guide in a separate tab in your browser so you can refer to it while texting.

Quick links to MoveOn/Spoke training materials

Find texting opportunities with MoveOn and Spoke

  • Go to the MoveOn Text Team workspace on Slack, select the #request_texts channel, see what campaigns are currently active and post a request for texts (100, 500, etc.) for your selected candidate/campaign.
  • You can also find out what workflows are available at any time by going to the “TEDTracker” at https://mvn.to/TEDtracker. Texting campaigns with status “LIVE” are in progress.