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Open Progress calls its textbanking community Text Troop. It operates textbanking services for many candidates across the country and is considered one of the most comprehensive and best supported textbanking platforms. Open Progress works with texting app TextOut to provide a robust and thorough texting experience for you, the voter, and the staff collecting all the data. Open Progress also requires you join the Open Progress Text Troop Slack workspace (you get invited as part of the sign-up process).

Get Started with Open Progress and TextOut

  1. Go to this page on the Open Progress website: https://www.openprogress.com/text-troop/
    • Read about the program.
    • Click on the green button: “START TEXTING: BECOME A TEXT TROOP VOLUNTEER”.
    • You will be taken to a page to join the Open Progress Text Troop Slack workspace. Enter your email and click the Verify Email button and complete the email verification.
    • You’ll be taken to the Text Troop Slack workspace, #welcome channel, where you’ll see a welcome message addressed to you. Follow the 3 steps in that message to complete your signup process.
  2. If you’re new to Slack, read the Open Progress Intro to Slack Google Doc.
  3. Read the Intro to Texting with Text Troop Google Doc (important, don’t skip).
  4. Back in the #welcome channel, message “hi” to get invited to the private Text Troop Slack workspace texting channel, #text-here. Follow the 3 instructions in this message:
    • Hover over “LOOK HERE” at the top of the #text-here channel and check for currently-open texting programs:
      Open Progress Slack channel screenshot
    • Go to http://bit.ly/join-textout and click “Register” to join TextOut. If you already have a TextOut account, sign in and select the Text Troop (TT) workspace.
    • Pick a campaign and request a batch of texts to send.
  5. Quick links to Open Progress/TextOut training materials

    Find texting opportunities with Open Progress and TextOut

    • The easiest way is to login to your TextOut account, select the “Text Troop (TT)” workspace, and see what’s currently available.
    • Back in the Open Progress Slack workspace and #text-here channel, you can hover over “LOOK HERE” at the top of the middle section to see currently-open workflows.
    • To find upcoming candidate/event workflows, check out the Text Troop Texting Calendar.
    • You can always request a texting workflow directly in the TextOut workspace. Be patient, sometimes it takes a few minutes for a batch to be assigned (this is done by real people who are often very busy!).