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Red2Blue is a grassroots group that connects volunteers to progressive campaigns across the country. Its texting program supports numerous Democratic candidate in the 2020 cycle using a recently enhanced texting app called ThruText (previously called Relay).

Get Started with Red2Blue and Thrutext

  1. Go to this page on the Red2Blue website: https://www.red2bluetexting.org/for-volunteers. Click on the “Volunteer with us!” button.
  2. You are taken to a Google Form to enter your contact info.
  3. After submitting your info, you are shown this link to sign up for the Red2Blue Slack workspace.
  4. Follow the link and go through the Slack workspace registration process (enter email account, verify email, return to Slack, create and enter a password for access).
  5. Once in the Red2Blue Slack workspace, you should be in the #general channel. In the welcome message addressed to you (or any other) click on the blue #texting link to get access to the private #texting channel. This is where you will learn about active campaigns and request texts.
  6. Important: There is no Red2Blue ThruText account. Candidates and campaigns for whom Red2Blue does textbanking have their own ThruText accounts. To text for any candidate, you must join the appropriate account, which is linked in the Candidate Guide for that campaign.

Quick links to Red2Blue/Thrutext training materials

Find texting opportunities with Red2Blue and Thrutext

  • Sign up for the Red2Blue email list to learn about upcoming texting opportunities: http://bit.ly/TextingEmailList.
  • Check out the Campaign Dashboard to see current and upcoming texting activities. In the Red2Blue workspace on Slack, a link to the Campaign Dashboard is located at the middle-top of the page in the #texting channel.
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  • You begin texting for a candidate by selecting and reviewing a candidate’s Candidate Guide. Links to Candidate Guides are found in the Campaign Dashboard.
  • On the first page of each Campaign Guide, there will be a link called “Join ThruText Account.” This is where you get access to the ThruText account dedicated to this campaign.
  • After reviewing the Guide, signing up for the right ThruText account, and following all the instructions in the yellow introductory section, return to the #texting channel in the Red2Blue workspace on Slack and request texts (100, 500, etc.) for your candidate.