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Movement Labs (previously called Resistance Labs) offers a popular textbanking service that uses the texting app Spoke. The mission of Movement Labs is to Stop Trump and rebuild the Democratic Party from the ground up. Their focus is on peer-to-peer texting to help support grassroots progressive activists, recruit candidates to run for office, and help those candidates win.

Get Started with Movement Labs and Spoke

  1. Go to the Movement Labs home page and click the “Sign up to text” button.
  2. On the next page, assuming you’re new to Movement Labs, click on the New VolunteerGET STARTED” button.
  3. On the next page, sign up with Movement Labs by entering your name and email address clicking the “SUBMIT” button. You’re taken to this page, which asks you to complete 3 steps.
  4. Step 1 is to read the online new texter training course. This includes instructions for signing up with Spoke, reading Campaign Instruction Sheets, and requesting, sending, and replying to texts in Spoke.
    • Training doc includes instructions for how to create a Movement Labs Spoke account by going to this Movement Labs/Spoke signup/login page.
  5. Step 2 is to sign up for the Movement Labs Slack workspace (here) and join the Movement Labs Facebook group (here).
    • Signing up for the Movement Labs Slack workspace follows the standard Slack workspace signup process (enter email account, verify email, set up your account and password, enter the workspace).
  6. Step 3 is to begin texting. Click on the “I’M READY!” button to go to this page showing currently active workflows: https://movementlabs.com/text/
  7. Pick a campaign you want to text for. Click the “INSTRUCTIONS” button, read up on the campaign objectives and requirements, then click the “START TEXTING” button. You’ll be taken to the Movement Labs/Spoke sign-in page. Sign in, select your campaign, request texts, and begin texting.

Quick links to Movement Lab/Spoke training materials

Find texting opportunities with Movement Lab and Spoke