Textbanking: Get Started

Textbanking is a fun, efficient and effective way to connect with large numbers of voters and potential voters. It is used by many Democratic campaigns for voter outreach. The DVC provides information about and support for the textbanking efforts of a number of candidates and organizations.

Step One: Sign up as a volunteer

If you haven’t completed the DVC volunteer form yet, please do that here. Be sure to check “Textbanking” as one of your volunteer interests.

If you’ve already signed up as a volunteer before, skip straight to step two!

Step Two: Learn how textbanking works

Choose one (or more) of the guides listed under Candidate and Organization Guides below, and click on it to learn how that specific textbanking system works. This will help familiarize you the process of setting up a textbanking account.

Step Three: Watch your email for texting opportunities

Check your email every Monday, when we send out a comprehensive guide to textbanking campaigns. Pick a campaign that looks interesting, and click the link we provide to start working on it.

If you have questions, please email texting@demvolctr.org for assistance.

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Make it social and get live help! Zoom Parties for Texters

Join Mariya’s Zoom parties from 4-6pm PDT each Thursday in October, plus Friday October 30. You can get training on how to text with Resistance Labs at these events. Join the party to get your questions answered, share good responses, and just chat with fellow activists while you text.
To join, RSVP here.

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Candidate and Organization Guides

Textbanking is extremely easy to do once you get set up. Start by choosing a specific candidate you want to text for, or by choosing an organization that campaigns for multiple candidates and causes, like Resistance Labs or Indivisible. If you’re not sure which to read, we currently recommend signing up with the Biden/Harris campaign using ThruText. Most Democratic campaigns are using ThruText now, so learning that system will help you join other campaigns.

As your experience and confidence grow, you can sign up with more textbanking organizations and candidates to expand your texting options and reach.


Click on any candidate to learn how to join their textbanking team:


These textbank providers will campaign for multiple candidates, and/or non-candidate campaigns like ballot initiatives. Click on these links to find specific instructions for getting started with each organization:

Review these Best Practices for tips on texting with any textbanking provider.

When you sign up as a DVC textbanker here, you’ll receive lots of texting opportunities like these every Monday by email. If you have questions or need help, email Steve at texting@demvolctr.org.