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The Biden-Harris campaign is getting their act together for texting, using the texting app ThruText. They have opened up a new Slack workspace that you can join to find texting opportunities for Biden.

Get started texting for Biden-Harris

  1. Get an invite to join the Biden-Harris texting program by filling out this form.
  2. You will receive an email with a link to “Sign up for a Text Team training.” This link takes you to the 2020 Victory events calendar, where you can register for an upcoming training session.
  3. After registering, you will receive another email to confirm your registration and add the event to your own calendar.
  4. After completing your training session, you will receive an email from the campaign with a link directing you to take a short primer and review quiz. If you don’t receive this email, you can also reach the quiz by clicking on this link.
  5. At the bottom of the quiz, you will find a link inviting you to join the Biden-Harris Slack workspace VolunteerTeam2020. Follow the standard Slack sign-up/sign-in procedure to join up.
  6. Once in Slack, read the #volunteer-welcome message.
  7. Review two important instructional docs:
  8. Next, join the #text-new-texters channel, and post “I am ready for next steps!” (Don’t post anything else at this point as other posts can be confusing and slow down your onboarding process.)
  9. An automated ‘bot’ named R.O.B. Slackbot will reply to you with a direct message to create your 2020 Victory texting account on ThruText. It will also add you to the text-team channel in Slack. Once you have your ThruText account and are in the text-team channel, you can request a workflow and begin texting for the Biden-Harris campaign.
  10. If you run into any problems or delays with this process, you can get help by sending an email describing your issue to texts@2020victory.com.