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Democratic candidate Cal Cunningham is running against vulnerable Republican Senator Thom Tillis in North Carolina. This is a very flippable Senate seat. Texting for Cunningham is being hosted by the North Carolina Democratic Party.

Get started texting for Cal Cunningham

  1. Sign up for “out of state” volunteer text-team training on the NCDEMS events calendar. Search for upcoming training events here. (click on More Filters …, on next page select ‘training’ from the Type drop-down box, then click Apply Filters)
  2. You must complete a training session to become eligible to participate in upcoming texting events for Cunningham and other Democrats in North Carolina.
  3. After your training session, you’ll receive an email with a link to upcoming texting events on the NCDEMS calendar.
  4. Register for an upcoming texting event here.
  5. Once you sign up for a text bank shift, you’ll receive an email with an invitation to join the NCDEMS Slack workspace (ncvolunteerteam2020.slack.com), information on creating a ThruText account for this campaign, and links to additional training resources.
  6. Additional training resources: