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Theresa Greenfield is in a tight race to flip a Senate seat, running against Joni Ernst in Iowa. The campaign has held some textbank training and texting events, but they have been intermittent. They have recently announced an out-of-state volunteer program and are planning more texting events up until election day.

Get started texting for Theresa Greenfield

  1. To find texting and training opportunities for Iowa Democrats and the Greenfield campaign, check out the  Battleground Iowa 2020 calendar here.
  2. Sign up for a Texting Training session. Training will include instructions for next steps, including a link you can use to join the Battleground Iowa Slack workspace.
  3. Join the Slack workspace by following the usual Slack signup procedures.
  4. In Slack, go to the #welcome channel and ask for a ThruText account for Battleground Iowa.
  5. Follow the provided link to https://bit.ly/thrutextsignup. Fill out the signup form.
  6. Return to the Slack #welcome channel and let moderators know you’re signed up.
  7. Look for an email from ThruText inviting you to get a Battleground Iowa ThruText account.
  8. Follow the invitation link to set up your Battleground Iowa ThruText account.
  9. Return to the #text-team channel in Slack and ask for a workflow (batch of texts to send).
  10. Return to ThruText to find your assignment and start texting.