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Jaime Harrison is going after Lindsey Graham’s Senate seat in South Carolina. Although the state is traditionally very Republican, Harrison is a popular figure and has continued to poll well against Graham, especially as Graham has continued to debase himself before Trump. This race is a close one and the Harrison campaign could definitely benefit from textbanking support. Some texting events have been listed in the DNC’s TOTV Slack workspace.

Get started texting for Jaime Harrison

  1. There are multiple ways to find Harrison textbanking events:
    • To get notifications of upcoming texting events, sign up as a volunteer for the Harrison campaign here. Be sure to check the Text Bank option.
    • You can find and sign up for upcoming texting events for Jaime Harrison on his campaign events calendar here.
    • To find DNC TOTV-hosted texting events for Harrison, go to the DNC TOTV Slack workspace and search for keyword ‘Harrison’ in the #general channel. (Search box is located at the top-center of the Slack page.)
    • Find texting events for Jaime Harrison and other candidates in South Carolina in the All In for SC 2020 events calendar, here.
  2. The Harrison campaign now has its own Slack workspace. Get an invite to join ConnectSCDP (All In for SC 2020) here.