Text banking: Get started

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The basics of text banking

  • There are many organizations that run text banking campaigns you can join from home. Organizations include the DNC, specific Democratic campaigns for candidates/states/counties, Fair Fight, NextGen, MoveOn, Movement Labs, and others.
  • When you sign up with one of these organizations, they’ll train you to use a specific texting application. Applications are web-based apps like Spoke, ThruText, Hustle, etc.
  • You won’t be texting from your mobile phone; instead, you’ll use an app on your laptop or desktop computer to more easily send and respond to texts. This also prevents people from seeing your personal phone number.
  • Most organizations operate a Slack workspace that you’ll join. Slack is a communications app that allows you to contact a moderator or trainer for questions that may come up while you’re texting. When an organization sets up a space in Slack for its members to work in together, that’s called a workspace. Within each workspace there will be several channels, which are like folders on a computer. You will access different channels to get information or request lists of people to text. Each organization on Slack will have its own workspace. 
  • For more tips on texting, review these Best Practices for guidance that applies to any texting campaign.

New to texting? 

If you have never texted before and aren’t sure where to start, Movement Labs (formerly called Resistance Labs) offers general text training on line that you can do any time (it uses texting application Spoke):


However, most organizations (and all major ones) do offer training. Here are some that have multiple opportunities to text in the next coming weeks and that offer trainings:

All four of the above organizations are on Mobilize America. Find text banking events you can join:

For most events, trainings are offered on a Zoom call. During the call you’ll become familiar with the goal of the text bank, the script, and so on. You can ask and answer questions during the training. You may also learn about where to find a Slack workspace, where you can get information and ask questions in real time as you work your way through an assignment.

When you sign up as a DVC text banker here, you’ll receive important updates about texting organizations and campaigns from the DVC. If you have questions or need help, email us at texting@demvolctr.org.