Ways to volunteer from home

While we shelter in place, we can still work for our democracy—calling, texting, writing postcards and letters, and participating in online meetings and forums to keep organizing. Here we’ve collected information on what you can do while maintaining social distance.

To make sure you stay up to date, please fill out our volunteer form here if you haven’t already. Thank you!

If you’re already a volunteer, you can use our volunteer form any time to update your interests.

Find an Event

The DVC and other organizations are running regular phonebanks and letter parties where you can connect with other people for technical support or just some camaraderie while you work.

Pitch in any time

In addition to scheduled events, you can write from home any time, and you can phone or text any time that campaigns are running. Click on the activity you’re interested in below for details.


If you are already signed up as a DVC Phonebanking volunteer, and you need information on campaigns to call, please email help@demvolctr.org and we’ll get back to you with access to our campaigns list.

To join our at-home phonebankers:

Once you’re signed up as a DVC phonebanker, we’ll provide a link that has information about campaigns you can call for, where to start each campaign, and details about how to get help with phonebanking. If you’re new to phonebanking or just want to brush up, you can access a recording of our webinar here. We’re also providing the webinar slides here for easy reference.

You can also email weloveourdemocracy@gmail.com to get trained for Reclaim Our Vote phonebanking from home.

Have questions? Email help@demvolctr.org your phonebanking questions, and see our Guide to Phonebanking here.


We send out a comprehensive guide to textbanking campaigns each Monday, which you’ll receive once you’ve signed up as a DVC textbanker.

Have questions? Email texting@demvolctr.org your textbanking questions.

Writing Postcards and Letters

Get info for writing to voters:

You can also contact Mariya to pick up, contact-free, voter outreach packages to work on at home (Postcards to Voters, VoteFwd, Flip the West, Reclaim Our Vote, and others). The packages include envelopes, stamps, letters, addresses, or whatever is required to write to voters from home. Sign up at http://itsblueturn.com/pickup or email Mariya demvolctr@mgenzel.com.

Host a Letter Party!

Host a letter-writing party for Swing Left. Instructions are here.

Write postcards for TJ Cox

We need to re-elect TJ Cox to Congress in California’s 21st district. This race has been rated a toss-up and a Republican Super PAC has allotted $1.6 million to target him, more than any other House candidate in California. Voter turnout will make all the difference. You can write in English or Spanish, but people who can write in Spanish are especially needed. Postcards will be mailed from the district in October. For scripts and more information, contact Mary Boergers: mary.boergers@yahoo.com