Ways to volunteer from home

While we shelter in place, we can still work for our democracy—calling, texting, writing postcards and letters, and participating in online meetings and forums to keep organizing. Here we’ve collected information on what you can do while maintaining social distance.

If you’re already a volunteer, you can use our volunteer form any time to update your interests.

If you’re new to the DVC, be sure to sign up with us to get updates when new volunteer activities launch.

Phone banking

Phone banking is the heart and soul of the DVC, and in 2020 we helped our volunteers make more than 900,000 calls to get out the vote. Our board is currently evaluating which campaigns we’ll support during 2021. Sign up with us and we’ll let you know as soon as we start phone banking again.

Learn more about phone banking here.

Tech team

Team members help our phone bankers get set up and answer all kinds of tech-related questions that come up for people volunteering from home or in our office. Sign up with us, be sure to check off “Tech support” as one of your interests and tell us a little about your tech background.

Postcard and letter writing

Postcard and letter writing is already underway for special elections! Virginia state elections will be held this Fall, and voter registration and outreach efforts are ongoing across the country.

Email Deb at charlottelechat13@gmail.com to get get information about some current postcarding campaigns.


There are several Democratic and progressive organizations that run text banks during campaign season, and some operate year-round. The DVC has created a guide to the 2020 signup process for some of these organizations. See our text banking guide here.

Two organizations that are texting right now are: