Who We Are

The Democratic Volunteer Center (DVC)  is a joint project of the Santa Clara County and San Mateo County Democratic Party Central Committees. Our mission is to elect Democrats and pass Party-endorsed initiatives.

Leader in Campaign Support

The DVC was launched in 2012 to turn the Obama juggernaut into an ongoing force for Democratic success. We were recognized by the Obama campaign for a record breaking number of calls. We set the record for the State of California for concurrent calls to swing states.   

In 2014 the DVC came together again to support Democratic candidates and initiatives, confirming the amazing power of our community to come together for important work.


Connecting Communities

The DVC is developing a strong voice on social media to expand reach to younger voters and engage the community. 

Hundreds of Volunteers Have Signed Up

This year we’re off and running in a big way for this critical election of a lifetime confirming the amazing power of our community to come together for important work.