About the DVC

The DVC was created in 2010 to unify Democrats across the political spectrum in northern Santa Clara and southern San Mateo counties. Initially a joint initiative of the Peninsula Democratic Coalition, Silicon Valley for Obama, and Organizing for America, the DVC was formed to harness the expertise, passion, resources, and energy characteristic of the mid-Peninsula in the service of electing Democratic candidates. We are Silicon Valley’s all-volunteer campaign center dedicated to electing Democrats by fostering unity across the Democratic political spectrum, and amplifying the activism of the mid-Peninsula on the local, national, and federal levels.

The DVC exists as a semi-autonomous project within the Santa Clara County Democratic Party and is independently funded and managed.

A founding principle of the DVC is inclusion. Our goal is to recruit and empower volunteers across the progressive spectrum, regardless of any relationship with the Party. What matters is that we focus on the election of Democrats in service to promoting government at its best, working shoulder-to-shoulder at a dynamic, nationally recognized Democratic volunteer center.

Our Strategy: 2018 and Beyond

The DVC has traditionally begun operation four months before November elections, but due to demand from volunteers and local leaders of national organizations and a heightened sense of urgency, the DVC opened an office in February 2018. With an attitude that every vote counts more than ever, the DVC seeks to impact races not only in the fall but in special elections across the country held throughout the spring and summer.

Instead of working out of their own homes and using the most spartan communications infrastructure, activists can draw on the resources and space of the DVC to make an impact on the national and local political stages.

The DVC is funded primarily through individual, small donations.

A Leader in Campaign Support

The DVC has been active in all election campaigns since 2012. In both 2012 and 2016, the DVC was one of the most productive Democratic campaign centers in the state, garnering recognition from both the Obama and Clinton campaigns. In the 2014 midterms, the DVC also made an impact supporting Democratic candidates and initiatives.

The DVC Board

  • Lawrence Byrd DVC Tech Lead
  • Herb Engstrom DVC Finance Lead
  • Eitan Fenson DVC Manager and Fundraising Lead
  • Rita Friedman Board Member Emeritus
  • Mary Gill In-state Travel Lead; Steering Committee Member, Dean Democratic Club
  • Stephanie Grossman Events Lead for DVC; Board Member, Peninsula Democratic Coalition
  • Davina Hurt Vice Mayor, Belmont
  • Kacy McClure Treasurer, San Mateo County Democracy for America
  • Diane Rolfe Board Member, Peninsula Democratic Coalition; Member, Santa Clara County Democratic Party Central Committee; Delegate, CA Democratic Party Convention
  • Paula Rugg DVC Facilities Use Liaison; Member, Peninsula Democratic Coalition
  • Pam Salvatierra DVC Founding Member; Board Member, Peninsula Democratic Coalition
  • Kavita Tankha Local lawyer and activist
  • Emy Thurber DVC Board Chair; Vice President, Peninsula Democratic Coalition; Member, Santa Clara County Democratic Central Committee