Our 2021 Partners

During this off-year cycle, between the last Presidential election and the upcoming midterms, the DVC will continue to stay active to defend voting rights, register Democratic voters, and work for free and fair elections. To that end, we’ll be partnering with three organizations already working toward those goals: Field Team 6Sister District, and Reclaim Our Vote (a campaign by the Center for Common Ground). 

Logos from our partner organizations

Our partnership with Field Team 6 (FT6) will focus on registering Democrats in strategic states and in districts that we need to win. This will help us maintain and expand our majorities in the House and Senate. We will begin phone banking soon and have already started writing (see below) to targeted voters. Learn about FT6’s Adopt-a-Traitor campaign to unseat Republicans who voted to overturn our election in this two-minute video.

Sister District helps win control of state legislatures by “sistering” volunteers from deep blue districts with carefully targeted races in swing districts. This is critical because state legislatures write the state laws—and we have seen how that’s going in many states, with an onslaught of voter suppression laws being passed by Republican legislatures and governors.

Reclaim Our Vote’s mission is to empower under-represented voters to participate in elections. They are dedicated to fighting voter suppression and increasing access to voting, and are primarily focusing on communities of color which have historically been underserved and which experience barriers to voting.

All three partner organizations support our focus on voting rights, registering Democrats, and participation in the democratic process.

Of course, the DVC will continue our strong relationships and support for allied organizations in our endeavors to strengthen our Democracy. Some organizations we’ve worked with in recent years include: