Phone bank

Current phone banks

Phone banks are happening now for state elections in Virginia, and to register and motivate likely Democratic voters in Ohio and California’s Central Valley.

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About phone banking

What is phone banking?

A phone bank is a coordinated effort by a campaign to talk with voters, using official state and local voter lists to decide who to call. These are lists of registered voters along with other information that the organization has obtained from past campaigns.

We make calls:

  • To encourage people to register, complete ballots, and vote for Democrats.
  • To find volunteers.
  • But especially to gather data for future action.

Every call is a good call!

  • All data is good! Even the bad and the ugly data helps.
  • Data from voters who do not like our candidate is a Good Call.
  • Wrong or disconnected numbers are Good Calls.
  • Finding out a voter has deceased is sad, but the call itself is a Good Call.

Why is this good?

  • We’re cleaning the lists to prepare for GOTV (Get Out the Vote).
  • GOTV is typically the final days of the campaign when we call/knock on doors of every voter who’s been identified as a supporter.
  • We need supporters to vote, and your calls tell us who to focus on.

Why phone bank early?

  • Early voter engagement is key!
  • Next to knocking on doors, phone banking is the most effective way to reach voters.
  • We must clean up the voter lists before the final Get Out the Vote stretch by identifying both supporters and non-supporters.
  • Many voters may have not been contacted in a while and we need to make sure our voter lists are up to date.