Current canvassing

LEARNING TO CANVASS: No experience is needed to join the canvasses below; training will be provided. If you’ve never canvassed before and/or want a refresher, join this Bay Area Coalition canvassing workshop every Tuesday at 7pm on Zoom. Learn to canvass and experience for yourself how rewarding it is to meet directly with voters.

Canvass in Patterson (CA-13) select Saturdays, March 16 through November 4, 9:30am-1:30pm. Carpools available.

Canvass in Lathrop (CA-13) select Sundays, March 24 through October 27, 10am-3pm. Carpools available.

Canvass in Merced (CA-13) select Fridays and Saturdays, May 31 through November 2, 9am-3pm. Carpools available.

Other Central Valley events can be found here.

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About canvassing

Canvassing—going door to door in person to talk to people—is by far the most impactful way to engage and turn out voters. We always need more volunteers to canvass, including Spanish speakers.

As a canvasser, you will receive training, materials about the candidate, and important talking points. You will knock on doors of likely Democratic voters, introduce yourself briefly, and then listen to the voters and their concerns. You do not need to be an expert on a given candidate or his/her policies. You can partner with another volunteer if you wish. Voters may simply need some additional information or reminders of the importance of the election, and many will be welcoming and grateful for your efforts.

Your very presence is powerful. It conveys to the voter that their vote and voice matters. It also conveys the strength of your commitment to Democratic candidates, values, and policies, and to the urgency of  winning in November. Many canvassers describe the experience as uplifting and meaningful.