Wisconsin will shape our future

“The stakes are monstrous,” said Barry Burden, the director of the Elections Research Center at the University of Wisconsin – Madison. “There’s a confluence of factors that have come together…to make this a terribly important race for the future of the state.”

The Guardian, 2/13/2023

“It’s a decision that will have sweeping consequences”

The Washington Post, 2/2/2023

In Wisconsin, a conservative state Supreme Court judge is retiring, and progressives have the chance to win back control of the court. For 14 years, this court has handed down rulings that favor conservatives, limit voting rights, and ensure a Republican majority in the state legislature.

Voters face a clear choice in this election, and we need to make sure progressives and Democrats vote. You can help!

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Our Story

How it started

The Democratic Volunteer Center (DVC) began in 2010. Originally based in Silicon Valley, our goal was to harness the expertise, passion, and resources of the mid-Peninsula to elect Democratic candidates. A founding principle of the DVC is inclusion, bringing together volunteers across the progressive spectrum, regardless of any relationship with the Party. Read more about the DVC here.

How it changed

In 2020 everything changed, and the DVC changed as well. We moved our phone banks and meetings online, and began distributing supplies for people to volunteer from home. We also began to welcome volunteers from across the country and around the world. We now have volunteers from all 50 states, the District of Columbia, and abroad.

What now?

One thing is clear: we won’t go back to business as usual. We’ve reopened for in-person volunteering, but we’ll also continue supporting and working with remote volunteers both near and far. So whether you’re in Mountain View, California or Mountain Creek, New Jersey (or Mountain Creek, Australia), volunteer with us today!

Volunteer Activities

Phone banking

DVC volunteers made more than 7000 calls in less than a month to support Raphael Warnock’s win in the Georgia runoff election.

You can phone bank now for the Wisconsin Supreme Court race—an election that could undo the gerrymandering that’s keeping Wisconsin from becoming a true blue state.

Get started phone banking.

Postcard and letter writing

Thank you postcard and letter writers for helping drive turnout in 2022!

New campaigns are underway for the Wisconsin Supreme Court, Virginia legislature, and more.

Get started postcarding here.


There are several Democratic and progressive organizations that run text banks during campaign season, and some operate year-round. The DVC compiles information and provides updates about texting organizations and campaigns for our volunteers. See our text banking guide here.


Canvassing is an incredibly effective tool. Volunteers have been canvassing in the Central Valley to help us win and hold onto Congressional seats from Modesto to Bakersfield.

See our canvassing page to learn more about canvassing.

2020 by the numbers


More than a thousand tireless DVC phone bankers made almost a million calls to voters.


Our letter and postcard writers sent more than 200k hand-written messages.


Hundreds of DVC texters got out the vote with millions of texts to key states.

Including 94,215 calls to Georgia to win back the Senate!