The DVC raises its own funds separate from the Democratic Party and relies on donations to fund phone-banking, events, facilities, and utilities. It is run entirely by volunteers, with no paid staff.

Thank You

The Democratic Volunteer Center wishes to thank the hundreds of volunteers who worked these past months on the most important election of our lives. You are the reason the DVC exists, and the best hope for a future that lives up to the American ideals of justice and equal rights for all.

Election Night Watch Party at the DVC

Tues, Nov 6th, 7:00pm until whenever

It's been a long two years getting to these midterm elections. We've worked hard to create a blue wave that will bring our country back toward decency, humanity, accountability, and democracy. Join us this Election Night to celebrate our efforts as we gather together to watch results come in.

A Message from Anna Eshoo

"The DVC distinguishes itself from other organizations, because... we not only have all the traditional organizations of Democrats, but we also have all the new organizations that were born the day after the election."

— Congresswoman Anna Eshoo

Phone Banking: Yes You Can!

Many people have concerns about phone banking -- does it work? Isn't it intrusive? How do I know what to say? DVC Phone Bank director Karen Rivers breaks down just how simple it is and why so many people enjoy phone banking with us.

— A message from phone bank director Karen Rivers

Yes, it was a Blue Wave

August 7th primary and special election results

The analysis is clear: the results of the August 7th primary and special elections in Ohio, Washington, and other states should encourage Democrats across the country. While the possibility of a big blue wave looks strong, we must not be complacent. As the razor-thin margin in OH-12 shows, every single vote is going to matter this November.

Analysis of California’s (and more) June primary results

Events at the DVC

The DVC provides space to Democratic and progressive people, organizations, clubs, candidates, and officials to connect with each other.
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