A Path Forward

The meeting last Friday was intense and reinforced the sense of urgency and passion that many of us share.  Over the next few days we will be connecting people with common interests and priorities for continuing activism.

Takeaways from last Weekend’s meetings:
Where do we go from here?

In the spirit of enhanced engagement in troubling times, we have scheduled a meeting on Friday, December 2, at 1PM for individuals who want to take leadership roles in providing our amazing group of DVC volunteers with options to collaborate and channel their energy effectively for the coming period.  Alas, the DVC office is now history — the keys were returned to the landlord yesterday — so this meeting will be held in Room M2 of the Cubberley Community Center in Palo Alto.

Please join us on Friday if you have the time, energy, and passion to help lead the way forward for our inspiring DVC community.  We aren’t creating a new activist group; we are all about doing research, identifying effective options for activism, and helping like-minded people make connections.  Click here for directions to the meeting at 1PM on Friday.

Click here for the notes taken respectively by Susan Markowitz and Diane Rolfe at the meetings that we held on November 20th and 21st.

Along with the notes, you’ll see a preliminary list of options/roles for engagement and resistance to the coming storm.

Our country needs us to be resilient and active.  More to come …

Thank you!
The DVC has created this video to celebrate:

This extraordinary community

The wonderful friendships that developed among the volunteers over the last several months

The dedication

All your hard work 

 A Difficult Day

This Election Day was a shocking disappointment. We grieve for the death of the dream that we worked so passionately to realize.

But we can’t let this result drive us into a dark place. Instead we must practice the principle of “Love Trumps Hate” that we so proudly adopted during these intense months. We’ll take time to lick our wounds and join together to come back to continue the good fight!

Please look to this space over the coming days to learn what’s next for the DVC.