The Democratic Volunteer Center is Silicon Valley’s permanent volunteer community and campaign center dedicated to electing Democrats and promoting government at its best. We foster unity across the Democratic political spectrum, and use our resources to amplify the voices of local volunteers across the state and the nation.

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The DVC raises its own funds separate from the Democratic Party and relies on donations to fund phone-banking, events, facilities, and utilities. It is run entirely by volunteers, with no paid staff.

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A Message from Barney Frank

“I haven’t always been this partisan, and I hope not to be. The only way to break the stranglehold the far right has on the Republican party is for them to get badly beaten. To get to a less partisan situation, we have to be very partisan. We have to punish Republicans for their cowardice. That’s why this is so important.”

— Retired Congressman Barney Frank, addressing DVC supporters in Palo Alto

A Message from a DVC Volunteer

"The Democratic Volunteer Center is a gift that helps me make a better world for my grandson."

— DVC Volunteer, Mildred

August 7th primary and special election results

The analysis is clear: the results of the August 7th primary and special elections in Ohio, Washington, and other states should encourage Democrats across the country. While the possibility of a big blue wave looks strong, we must not be complacent. As the razor-thin margin in OH-12 shows, every single vote is going to matter this November.

Analysis of California’s (and more) June primary results

Events at the DVC

The DVC provides space to Democratic and progressive people, organizations, clubs, candidates, and officials to connect with each other.
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