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Sign up today and help us elect more Democrats! We support local volunteers and those all across the country with remote phone banking, postcard and letter-writing campaigns, and text banking.

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The DVC is based in Santa Clara County. We also support remote volunteers from anywhere.

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Sample Volunteer Activities

In-person and online activities:

Phone banking: Make calls to support national, state, and sometimes local candidates. No experience necessary. We’ll train you!

Text banking: Reach 1000 voters an hour to support candidates and get out the vote! We have detailed guides and email support for texters.

Postcard & letter writing: Help hard-to-reach voters get registered and remind people to vote. Handwritten notes get noticed!

Technical support: Apply your networking and computer skills in support of our phone banking operation.

In-person activities:

Canvassing: Walk neighborhoods locally, around California, and in other states to distribute campaign materials, get out the vote, etc.

Voter registration: Help enlist new voters.

Event support: Help set up/break down special events. Take photos, bring food, greet attendees, and more.

Office support: When our office is open, you can greet DVC visitors, provide information about volunteering, assist with merchandise inventory and sales, and help with general office work. Nourish our volunteers by keeping the DVC kitchen stocked with healthy food and beverages.