Volunteer with the DVC

Step One: Get signed up

To volunteer in the San Francisco Bay Area — and to volunteer from home during the COVID-19 pandemic — please fill out the form below. We’ll let you know when new volunteer opportunities become available.

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Step Two: Start pitching in!

The DVC is located in the San Francisco Bay Area. While we’re doing online and remote volunteering, we welcome you to join us from anywhere! If you’re in another location, we also encourage you to contact the Democratic National Committee or find your state Democratic Party to volunteer.

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After completing our volunteer form, be sure to find remote/online events on our calendar and find ways to volunteer from home at any time here.

If you have any difficulty using this form, please email info@demvolctr.org, and we will assist you as soon as possible.

About Volunteer Activities

Remote, online, and at-home activities

Phonebanking: Make calls to support national, state, and sometimes local candidates. No experience necessary. We’ll train you! If you’re already a DVC phonebanker, email help@demvolctr.org to get info on campaigns to call for.

Textbanking: Reach a thousand voters an hour to support candidates and get out the vote! We provide the training.

Postcard & Letter Writing: Help hard-to-reach voters get registered and remind people to vote. Handwritten notes get noticed!

Technical Support: Do you have networking and computer skills? Help support our phonebanking operation.

In-person activities: Coming back one day!

We will resume these types of activities when it is both safe and legal to do so.

Canvassing: Walk neighborhoods locally, around California, and/or in other states. Distribute important materials door-to-door, support candidates or initiatives, get out the vote, etc.

Registering Voters: Sign up all-important new voters at the DVC or at events around the area.

Event Support: Help set up and/or clean up at special events. Take photos, bring food, greet attendees, and more.

Office Support: Greet DVC visitors, provide information, assist with merchandise, and help with other office work. Keep our volunteers nourished by stocking the DVC kitchen with healthy food and beverages.