What would you like to do?

The DVC is on hiatus until the next campaign season starts to gear up.
If you’d like to volunteer in the Bay Area, please send us an email at dvc.board@gmail.com with:

  • your full name
  • your preferred contact email
  • your specific interests, if any, from the list below

We’ll keep your information on file, and contact you when we re-open.

We’re located on the San Francisco Peninsula, and run events out of our local office. If you’re in another location, we encourage you to contact the Democratic National Committee, or find your state Democratic Party, to volunteer.

Available Volunteer Opportunities

Voter Registration
Set-up and work at Voter Registration booths at local festivals and Farmer’s Markets. Help voters complete registration forms in time for CA Primaries and the November election.
Phone Banking
Make calls for campaigns supported by the DVC. Help win back the Senate and House and protect the Supreme Court. Previous phone banking experience not required. All the equipment you need and ample training are provided.
Canvassing (travel)
Share materials and your enthusiasm for Democratic candidates and initiatives with voters. Canvassers will be trained and work in pairs.
Send texts to get out the vote.
Writing Postcards
Write postcards in support of candidates and legislation at the DVC or from home.
Front Desk Reception
Be the face of the DVC. Welcome the public, answer questions, and help volunteers identify areas of interest in volunteering. Collect SWAG donations.
Technical Support
Support the DVC technology infrastructure, update laptops and support phone bank callers.
Assist with DVC events. Act as a DVC host for events sponsored by other organizations at the DVC.
Support fundraising efforts to cover DVC expenses from rent to paperclips and coffee.
Help with beverages, snacks and meals for DVC volunteers.