Write to voters

Writing letters and postcards provides a personal touch to voter outreach, and it’s a fun group activity.

Pick up postcard packets in San Jose or Los Altos Hills

Postcard packets are available for local pickup in San Jose or Los Altos Hills for postcarding campaigns:

  • Final get out the vote for the November 2 Virginia state and legislative general election
  • Special election GOTV postcarding
  • Outreach to new voters in swing states
  • Help DVC partner Field Team 6 register likely Democratic voters in swing districts in Colorado, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Florida, Wisconsin and California

Email Deb at charlottelechat13@gmail.com to arrange pickup for these campaigns.

Pick up postcard or letter packets in Mountain View

Postcard and letter-writing packets are available for contact-free pickup from Mariya’s porch bench in Mountain View at any time. The packets contain addresses, postcards, letters, envelopes, stamps and more. Write when you can at home and pick up at your convenience.
Sign up for your packets at: http://itsblueturn.com/pickup
See Mariya’s current campaigns at: https://itsblueturn.com/current_campaigns.html

Join a Virtual Party and write with others

Join Melissa and Sue’s Virtual Postcard & Letter Writing Party every Saturday noon to 2:00 pm PT. We share information, answer questions, and socialize while writing from our own homes. Contact Sue at s.dinwiddie@icloud.com for more information about getting postcards or Vote Forward letters, and the Zoom meeting link.

Find more postcard and letter resources

Writing on your own or want more postcarding or letter-writing campaigns? Geri’s list of postcarding campaigns is updated to include Virginia GOTV, voter registration in states like Virginia and Pennsylvania, outreach to Native American voters in Arizona, and more. There’s also info on where to get postcarding supplies. Get info at: https://tinyurl.com/Dem-GOTV-Postcards