Write to voters

Postcard and letter writing is already underway for special elections! Virginia state elections will be held this November, and voter registration and outreach efforts are ongoing across the country.

Postcard writing

Packets are available for local pickup for two postcarding campaigns:

  • Get out the vote for Virginia state and legislative general election this year
  • Help DVC partner Field Team 6 register likely Democratic voters in swing districts in CO, PA, NC, FL and CA

Pick up postcard packets in Los Altos Hills. Email Pat at vevomen@gmail.com to arrange pickup.

Letter writing

Since July 2019, volunteers with It’s Blue Turn have written over 260,000 letters and postcards.  Pick up your own voter outreach package, contact-free, from Mariya’s porch bench in Mountain View at any time; sign up at: http://itsblueturn.com/pickup. The packages contain addresses, postcards, letters, envelopes, stamps, or whatever is needed to complete it. Write when you can at home and pick up more supplies at your convenience.

Be sure to sign up as a volunteer to get notified as more postcard writing campaigns get going!