Write to voters

Writing letters and postcards provides a personal touch to voter outreach, and it’s a fun group activity. We worked on a four-pronged strategy to keep Congress Blue in 2022 by electing Democrats across the ballot:

  1. In 2022 we registered likely new Democratic voters (in partnership with Field Team 6) in flippable congressional districts in Arizona, California, Florida, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Texas, Georgia, Nevada and Wisconsin. Voter registration campaigns target “the rising American electorate,” including underrepresented groups like Black communities in the Deep South and young voters.
  2. We protected vulnerable California, Nevada, Arizona, Georgia and Pennsylvania Democrats by informing voters of the legislative achievements of their representatives.
  3. We encouraged Democrats in swing states and districts to enroll in vote-by-mail, a proven method to increase voter turnout.
  4. We wrote letters (with Vote Forward) to increase voter participation of historically underrepresented communities.